Organic Farm Buddies. Frenchy Fox 14-inch Plush Toy [並行輸入品] [00052937] - 2771円 : レディーススタンダードリング, 結婚指輪, 制服・ワークウェア, メンズTシャツ・カットソー -

Organic Farm Buddies. Frenchy Fox 14-inch Plush Toy [並行輸入品]

Apple Park Organic Toys is delighted to present the 14-inch Frenchy Fox Plush Toy from their irresistible Organic Farm Buddies collection. Frenchy Fox loves poetry and books. plus our clever one also digs how his polka dot scarf looks. Produced with 100% natural cotton fabric; featuring hypoallergenic. totally sustainable corn-fiber filler; plus Apple Park packaging uses exclusively recycled paper printed with soy ink. Frenchy Fox Plush is sized at 14.5 x 15 x 2 inches and safe for babies' age 0 and up. From a family of experienced toy-makers. Apple Park founder. Angie Ting. set out to create a unique line of completely Eco-friendly products with her two young children in mind. Her concern for the health of babies. the environment. and social issues derived from conventional farming. were her creative inspiration. Ms Ting formed a partnership with Pate International. a highly respected San Francisco design firm known for their environmentally conscious designs. to create the brand in 2009. Susan Pate. along with her daughter Chloe Pate. helped Angie realize her dream ... and together the two mothers created Apple Park. The undertaking is to create unique. lovable. and stimulating toys for young ones from absolutely organic. sustainable and recycled materials. Absolutely safe for children. forever better for the environment. and always brilliantly. Earth loving green - that's the Apple Park Promise.


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